6.0 - The Karma Update

Update 6.1 - The Machine Upgrade

6.0 - The Karma Update April 29, 2022

The following changes were made to EarthCraft (Heavily Simplified)

  • Websites:
    • Brand New Store Website! https://store.earthcraft.me
      • Transferred web store provider
      • Changed plugins
      • Re-added store configuration, manually
      • Imported payments
    • New EarthCraft Admin Control Panel
      • New Databases
      • Server Transfers
      • New accounts
    • New EarthCraft Wiki Page! https://wiki.earthcraft.me
      • Transferred Wiki provider
      • New skins
      • Database transfer
    • New EarthCraft Website
      • Fresh install
      • Import of old posts/pages
      • Manual rewriting of information
      • Added modules 
      • Updated Ban page
    • Updated Dynmap Website
      • Remapped database
  • In-Game Servers
    • Transferred Bungee/Login Server
      • Moved all files, plugins
      • Updated databases
      • Added Schedules
    • Transferred EarthCraft Server
      • Moved all files, plugins, and a very large map
      • Updated databases
      • Added Schedules
    • Transferred Queue
      • Added Schedules
  • Machine
    • OS Install
    • Firewall Install
    • Webserver Install
    • Panel Install
    • Main Website Install
    • Dynmap Website install
    • Statistics Website Install
    • Automatic Website Certificate Renewal System
    • MariaDB database installed
    • Redis-Server installed
    • PHP8.0 installed
  • Databases
    • All new databases
    • If in flat files and necessary, transferred to the database
    • Imported necessary files to rebuild databases
  • DNS & Machine Provider
    • Mapped all new IPs to server
    • Verified DDoS protection services and enabled
    • Custom firewall rules enabled
    • New certificates
    • Proper hostnames
  • General Cleanup
    • Proper server update documentation (Admins)
    • Development of a Budget/Financing plan
    • Purged of all unnecessary data and sluggish files to improve performance

In planning / to be completed:

  • 1.18.2 Moon Upgrade
    • 1.18.2
    • New Moon
    • Fixing all bugs
    • Rewriting broken plugin configs
    • Rewriting all plugin configs
    • New items, advancements, tutorials
    • General server cleanup
    • Further development

Update 6.0.2 - General Server Improvements

6.0 - The Karma Update April 28, 2022

- Entire login server rewritten

- Added /ranks - an in-game help menu with all the commands from donators. (Courtesy of Windows_Seppe)


- Fabric not working

- Queue server disabled

- Unexplained lag

- 1.18/1.19 update
- Stocks
- New Moon


Update 6.0.1 - The Potion Patch

6.0 - The Karma Update April 28, 2022

- Karma system patches
 - Fixed console spam and redid Karma config
 - Voting now gives 25 Karma points from each site!
 - Formatting for Karma fixed!
 - Hostile mob killing now does not grant karma anymore so as to not be abused with mob grinding.
 - Fixed KeepInventory being on for some reason
 - Dying now extracts 5G from your balance

- 1.18/1.19 update
- Stocks
- New Moon

Update 6.0 - The Karma Update

6.0 - The Karma Update April 28, 2022

  • Added the Karma system!
    • You will gain or lose a Karma score (or "social credit" if some of you guys like politics) depending on the actions you take.
      • Additionally, you or a player's Karma level is accessible by using "/karma {player}", or "/karma list" for the whole server. This will also appear above a player's head.
    • There are 9 levels of Karma. You start off as Neutral, but by gaining Karma points, you can become Neutral Good, Semi-Good, Good, and Pure Good. By losing Karma points, you can become Neutral Evil, Semi-Evil, Evil, or True Evil.
    • Gaining and losing Karma points works based on your actions:
      • To become better, you can kill hostile mobs, kill players with an Evil alignment, tame and feed friendly entities (such as wolves, horses), and trade with Villagers. You can also simply play on the server to passively gain 1 Karma point, or vote on the server to gain passive Karma points.
      • To become eviler, you can kill friendly entities (Wolves, Horses, etc.), kill players with a Neutral or Good alignment, and Hit/kill villagers. It is easier to become evil than good.
    • Perks:
      • Good: Has a chance of gaining an extra enchantment on items, and increases the chance of mobs dropping extra loot, depending on your Good level. When Pure Good, this reaches 50% for both.
        • Pure Good item: Purity Drive - Grants Resistance II and Regeneration IV for 10 seconds for people of this alignment. Note the cooldown is 15 minutes.
      • Evil: Grants more experience levels when picking up XP orbs. At True Evil, this reaches 5x the vanilla value. Even with the increased experience gain, you have a tiny chance to be struck by lightning, and a chance that untamed mobs (Wolves, Bees) will grow angry at you which increases depending on your alignment.
        • True Evil item: Heartless Drive - Grants Strength III and Haste III for 10 seconds for people of this alignment. Note that the cooldown is 15 minutes.
  • Overhauled the economy! We do not use TNE anymore and now use Essentials for the economy. If you want to deposit Gold into the system, run /deposit with either Gold Ingots or Gold Blocks in your hand.
    • We do not have a "/withdraw" command yet, but you can go to "/warp money" to withdraw Gold Ingots.
    • All Town/Nation gold has been put into chests. SiegeWar will have a 2-week hiatus starting at the release of this update in order for people to deposit their gold.
  • mcMMO Hardcore Mode added!
    • When you die, you lose a significant amount of mcMMO levels.
    • This will not affect Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Repair, or Woodcutting levels.
  • Town spawn cost is now G5. This will not affect your own "/t spawn" as that will always be free.
  • New York now has an admin shop! Know that these shops will never run out, but are sold at a higher price.
  • Lowered Knockback significantly for better combos.
  • Teleportation for /tpahere, /warp, /spawn and /home is now 5 minutes!
  • Changes to SiegeWar!
    • Siege banner point cap added! You can now only have a maximum point cap of 20000 in order to balance out sieges.
    • Sieges can now only be started on Fridays and Saturdays, EST.
  • New Potion Types!
    • Potion of Levitation (Variants: Extended, Splash): Splash levitation on anybody you encounter! Works even at Alchemy Lv. 0
  • Re-implemented Dual Wielding! Carry and use two weapons at once!
  • Earth, Nether, and End are now pre-filled! This should ease chunk loading from now on.
  • Moon has been unloaded to prepare for the new one.
  • Eased death lag
  • Changed network compression threshold back to 256
  • Improved and updated all seven voting sites! Get voting people!
  • New Crafting Recipes!
    • 8 Quartz + 1 Heart of the Sea = Purity Drive
    • 8 Amethyst Shards + 1 Heart of the Sea = Heartless Drive


  • 1.18/1.19 update
  • Stocks
  • New Moon