About 186k blocks wide. It's a 1:200 scale, meaning 1 block is equal to 200 meters in real life. It's about 4 times the size of EarthMC (which uses a 1:500).

The map uses the EarthTiles program created by MattiBorchers and the MOTFE Earth team, with the map being generated by Jqnnies. You can make your own Earth map via that method, but it's not good to make a large-scale map of the world just due to how much time it takes and how much space you need to store it. If you want to ask questions about map creation or attaining an Earth map, go to the MOTFE site as we are not the place to answer these questions.

Please refer to the /server-help command or the help page on the website for those questions.

Our staff does not discriminate against anybody, and we try to make everyone safe. We do allow people to share their opinions about political manners as long as it doesn't end up becoming direct verbal harassment targeted at a certain player(s). If you do not like seeing people's opinions on enduring world issues or political matters then just leave the server. We also do tend to have a player base that comes from 4chan boards or Minecraft Subreddits.

We don't have a way to age-restrict people from coming into the server since pretty much anyone can say what they want on the internet, but we advise children not to play on here since EarthCraft is meant for a more mature audience.

Notify other staff members or Admins, and they will take care of it. Generally, it can take some time because not everyone has time to play the server, but if you want to report anybody, run /report ingame or make a ticket in the Discord.

Many servers don't generally have this freedom due to obvious reasons, but we want to have it in the best way possible while also making sure people don't go overboard. The only place we don't have this in is the Discord server because of their Terms of Service. If you do not like seeing this language while playing the server, you can always make sure the filter is on by doing /cf on.