The Fate of the Server... Post 2

The Fate of the Server... Post 2

Hey guys, it's been a while...

As you recall, more than 2 weeks ago, EarthCraft had shut down due to disgusting allegations surrounding me. I will not go into details about what they were since most of the community knows, but the server will eventually return in about a few days, as I will announce the update 5.0, the Travel Update. It will be the last update I'll be in charge of and the last major update as of today.

I had deleted the Discord abruptly under the impression that I had been ashamed of the drama, however this was not the case. A member of the community (who I will not disclose) had gone beyond Minecraft and had hired someone to forcefully ransom me to delete the server, or else they would threaten to leak "evidence" and even potentially harm my family and friends in real life. I had to call law enforcement over the fact that my privacy had been breached, and the fact that I was being extorted and pressured into something as petty as a Minecraft server drama. I had changed almost all my media and disabled my old ones (excluding my Discord) due to how easily someone had breached it, and I have finally decided to make the decision to mostly leave the EarthCraft community.

In my life, I've suffered from a series of mental disorders (I will not disclose these either, but they are not fully to blame) that have plagued my ability and motivation to thrive or do anything at all. I've played on multiple Earth servers, and the most taxing on my psychological state was managing my own simply due to me having to update every now and then, and having to deal with the community's shenanigans and often toxicity among my own playerbase. I want to tell everyone that at some point in the future, A new owner who will take care of the server (it will not be a player on the server), and I'm going to pursue a new passion I've had for a while that I could not do because of me having to manage the server. I don't want people to get the idea that I'm leaving because of a stupid drama that isn't even that big of a deal, but because it's hard for my mental health to compete with the server itself and it's politics. I had planned originally leaving after the summer had ended due to how I was leaving for college, but I stayed anyway because I cared for my hard work. I'll still probably be a developer of the server, and I'll probably come on often with my "omegajannyslayer" alt to talk about my progress in university moving forward, but when the time comes, I will not be as involved with the community.

As of now, I'm a college kid, and I want to major in something that has interested me in my life. I'm going to spend time with friends I have in order to just clear my psychological state, and play more games instead of just Minecraft 24/7. As this is, I hope you guys stand proud and never let anything get to your head.

- Left

Posted on November 6, 2021 by EricsonHarriston