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Moon Announcement

Moon Announcement

It's time I make an announcement about what's yet to come.

As you know, there will be a new dimension to be added called the Moon.

This dimension will be much harder then the Earth, Nether or End, and will have specific strengths and consequences to go with it. In order to travel to the Moon you must make a rocket (the recipe will be on the wiki once the release comes) and manually have to warp to the moon using the command /rocket moon. Once on the moon, gravity will be lower and slow falling will be applied to the player after leaving the spawn of the Moon. This dimension will require you to wear pieces of headgear to preserve oxygen, these can either be a Chainmail Helmet, Glass Block, or Carved Pumpkin, and you will die of suffocation if not wearing anything. 

Unlike the Earth, the Moon has much more ore deposits for gold, diamond and emeralds, and has significantly harder versions of zombies called "Lost", high amount of Endermen spawning, Etheria Skeletons, and a chance to run into bosses called Moon Giants. The primary disadvantage of being on the Moon is that you cannot run towny spawn commands,  /spawn or /tpa, with the only way of getting off the Moon being to rocket to the Earth or just die. The Moon is meant for players who have completed the Ender Dragon battle and have full enchanted netherite equipment.

Prepare yourselves.

Posted on February 27, 2021 by Left___