The Overhaul Update

The Overhaul Update

As mentioned in changelog, I would like to announce that I have added not a new rank, but a customizable system that can allow different donation perk types when having brought the Donator rank or above (keep in mind Philosophers have every rank already, so there is no need for this to be brought by one). Donator has also been permanently lowered to $4.99 to allow more purchases as well.

The perks available under "Custom Perks" are:

Constructor Individual Perks

  • /craft
  • /rename
  • /suicide
  • Colored Signs
  • Invisible Item Frames
  • ImageOnMap
  • Head Database
  • Armor Stand Editor
  • Dynmap Marker Signs

Philosopher Individual Perks

  • /disposal
  • /condense
  • /book
  • Player Skulls
  • /trails
  • SuperJukebox

More expensive perks will be at the bottom with cheaper ones on top.

Keep in mind some perks are still only available through the rank system, as not everything could be transferred to an individual one. When buying a rank, the individual perks will unset and simply just be in the group with the rank itself. If you want to do a DIY rank it can be shown through #showcase.

The Nether and End have also been reset, and with the introduction of the religion plugin we have. Make a sign with the word "god" on top and the name of the deity you want to praise.

Posted on May 2, 2021 by EricsonHarriston