Server Machine Upgrade

Server Machine Upgrade

Hello everyone!

We at EarthCraft were getting tired of the poor performance and expensive bill we had for running the server. So we decided to change that. After doing some research, a more economic plan was found, that even has better performance and protection compared to our previous plan! Over the past few days, we transferred all of our all infrastructures over to the new machine. This move also will help us begin to prepare for the upcoming 1.18.2 Moon Upgrade that has been long-awaited! If you would like to see everything we changed with the server, visit our changelog here: (Update 6.1 - The Machine Upgrade). As mentioned, this list is still very heavily simplified and a lot of work went into preparing everything to proper working order. The two people responsible for these upgrades were:

EricsonHarriston (Jannies) - EarthCraft Server Files & Map Transfer, Monthly Server Fee

0115962 (Evan T.) - Everything else

Posted on April 29, 2022 by 0115962