Spawn Shop Announcement | Renaissance Update Patches

Spawn Shop Announcement | Renaissance Update Patches

The trailer is out!

Along with this, I would like to announce Spawn Shops!

Spawn shops are a new method of trading where you can make a shop plot in the spawn town. In order to do this you must make a ticket in Discord with your username and where exactly you want the shop plot. Keep in mind that you must follow these guidelines.

- Only one plot per person/town, so people dont take up an entire section and it is as diverse as possible.
- You cannot make an arena plot or toggle PvP, to ensure that Spawn is a safe place.
- If you are inactive, your spawn plot will go to someone else who buys it, and this can't be a person who already owns one.
- Spawn plots are 100 G.

Anyway, have fun with that, I would also like to announce the new recipe for Crying Obsidian in #📋-changelog !

Also thanks to christiam for filming and editing the Moon part!

Renaissance Update Trailer

Posted on August 22, 2021 by Left___