• If you are under the age of 13, please do NOT play on this server. We are not for kids, however there are no rules stated against joining under 13, other then the Discord as its against their ToS.
    • Additionally, we are NOT, and I repeat, not a family-friendly server. This is a server about our world and the geopolitics surrounding it.
  • Our playerbase mainly comes from Reddit and 4chan, if you are offended by anything this is not the server for you.
  • If you need any instructions on what you should do, go to the Help page.

General Rules

  1. Use common sense, and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind here. The most obvious rule, please do not make the server unbearable.
  2. Spamming in any chat or channel is not allowed at all. It will either result in a tempmute, and if spamming offensive material, a ban.
  3. Toxicity in any shape or form is not allowed, however, bad words (including the N-word and others) and unpopular political opinions are completely fine as long as the language is not being used maliciously in forms of harassment and discrimination against a player (Rule #1). Remember, THIS IS A SERVER ABOUT GEOPOLITICS, do not play on here if you are uncomfortable with any person's political opinion.
    1. Profanity and slurs within the Discord are not allowed at all times due to their Terms of Service.
    2. Optionally, these extreme profanities can be turned on clientwise by running /cf on or /cf off.
    3. Giving streamers weapon names containing offensive material will result in a temporary ban of 3 days, and permanent on second offense.
  4. Staff disrespect, discrimination, impersonation and begging to admins will NOT be tolerated, even with helping with builds.
    1. However, constructive criticism to staff members is allowed.
  5. No pornography/NSFW, this will result in a mute or tempban depending on the severity.
    1. Additionally, any gore posted will be taken down and lead to a mute or permanent ban.
    2. DMing anyone child pornography or anything illegal will result in a permanent ban.
  6. Staff found abusing their authority and power will be demoted, and on major offences, a permanent ban.
    1. Staff DO NOT side with anyone and we will look at situations from a neutral standpoint.
    2. If a staff attempts to bribe admins in their favor it results in demotion. There is no counter to this at all.
  7. Doxxing in any shape or form is not allowed on all of EarthCraft's services, and will result in a permanent ban if anyone's personal information is given out without their consent. (this also means Doxxing yourself is not allowed.)
  8. Advertising of any sort (example: Twitch, discord etc) will result in a tempban if there was no permission from an admin.
  9. Falsely reporting people will not be tolerated, this is usually a staff decision. Mistakenly reporting someone will be okay as long as it is understood to everyone that it was a mistake.
  10. Do not harass or ping staff to get their attention for a problem.
    1. We will also not look at absurd staff requests (ex. pinging staff to wipe their butt).
  11. Please put epileptic content on spoiler in the Discord.
  12. Be careful when joining a nation Discord server. We have no idea what people could be posting in it or whether it violates Discord ToS, so keep your head up.
  13. We do NOT associate with any groups on the server, or any groups in the real world that are radical, violent, or hateful. Whether a member of any bad group is on here without our knowledge is not our responsibility, and it is up to the people to report someone violating the rules.
  14. Inciting real life murders, massacres, riots, or anything through our server will result in a permanent ban.
  15. Raiding other servers is not allowed at all and doing so on the Discord violates their ToS. Anyone caught planning to raid another server will be permanently banned without hesitation.
  16. Threatening to kill or physically harm yourself in real life or blackmailing will result in a permanent ban. We are not responsible for anyone's murderous or self-harming intentions.
  17. PLEASE keep the language english in chat. This is an english speaking server.

Minecraft / Towny

  1. Ugly terraformations are not allowed (including draining oceans, severely altering a landscape in general). It is okay to build a large town, however do not add another continent to the map and make it unrealistic.
    1. Floating islands and some forms of terraformation are allowed.
  2. Usage of a hacked or cheat client, or any hardware/software that give unfair advantages will result in a permanent ban. (for example: Auto clickers) Additionally, examples of allowed clients are:
    1. Optifine, or any Resource Pack not made to cheat with (Fullbright is fine since Optifine has it built in)
    2. Badlion, Lunar, LabyMod and PvP based Clients.
    3. Litematica/Schematica, as well as it's printer function.
    4. Minimap mods or Utility mods in general.
  3. Duping, Xraying and Baritone/Bot usage will result in a permanent ban.
  4. Do not make bordergore. Any "snake claims" or "spaghetti claims" will be unacceptable and will be removed by staff along with massive claims that dont make any sense whatsoever. Claim blocking (such as making a town right next to another without that persons permission) is not allowed in any shape or form and will be deleted WITHOUT REFUND.
  5. Large towns gobbling up nations/states are not recommended and not allowed in some forms. Claiming something as small as Rhode Island/Connecticut or New Jersey (If you make all of New York City) is fine, however something like claiming all of Germany or Britain in one town is not recommended by Staff at all (general rule #1). Outlining a claim is not a fair excuse.
  6. Abusing plugin permissions will result in a permanent ban. And it is up to people to report issues with a plugin.
  7. You are not allowed to spam kill someone in prison, but you are allowed to kill someone who is escaping from it. This will be judged per staff member.
  8. Spam killing consecutively so that it fills chat is not allowed, but killing someone repeatedly is if it's in a war or siege, or a battle of some sort is completely fine.
  9. Alternative accounts are not allowed. The alt account will be permanently banned, along with the main account as well.
  10. Griefs are not allowed and result in bans depending on how major the grief is. Griefing right outside a claim is also not allowed.
    1. Lavacasting is not allowed in any shape or form, it lags the server way too much. We will also not allow mass explosions.
  11. Gold farms are prohibited, if we find any, we will take it down immediately. We also do not accept farms that lag the server TPS such as massive lag machines made of redstone, slime blocks etc.
  12. Make Towns in a geographically accurate area. Don't make a city like London in Siberia, or Sydney in New York State unless there is a town there.
  13. Fictional towns or nations are allowed as long as they aren't super ridiculous. This is usually on a staff outlook, as many town names with memes in them are usually seen as fine.
    1. Okay examples are Airstrip_One, Jotunheim, Asgard, Quahog, Basedville, Poglands.
    2. Not okay examples are N***erland, fuck_leftKILL_JEWS, WORKERS_UNITE, BLM, Anyone's real information.
  14. Naming a town after a real life nation is not allowed and it will be CORRECTED to its real life coordinates on Dynmap. Additionally any misspelled town or nation names without proper capitalization will be corrected.
    1. If the town is a real life city or city-state, or if the nation is incredibly small like Luxembourg, Malta or Singapore then it will be allowed.
  15. Capitalize your town names. No starting with a lowercase, or having improper grammar.
  16. Joining a town and stealing everything because of misconfigured town or nation perms is not punishable and it is up to you to make sure your town is stable.
    1. However, new players are not allowed to join a town and steal from it until their 3 days of new protection immunity are up.
  17. Maliciously griefing a roadway/railway that is monitored (as in connected to a town) by a town/nation will result in the same banning process as minor griefHowever small griefs on it such as digging up few material or rails are allowed. This will be reviewed by staff case by case, however this rule's only exception is during a siege.
  18. Illegal, or "cracked" accounts are not allowed on here in the slightest.
  19. Asking a staff member to roll back a fallen town is prohibited. Blowing up your town by losing a siege or by placing TNT everywhere is your fault (unless its a grief action), and it will be up to YOU to rebuild your town.


  1. New players are not affected by war, and they have 3 days to fight unless they themselves siege another town, this will be bannable almost on every occasion.
    1. To gear new town/nation players and force them to fight does not bypass this rule, and can be bannable for Toxicity.
  2. "Siege towns", or towns that are made next to a town during a siege are not allowed and will result in a temporary ban.
  3. War evasion, or deleting a town mid-siege and recreating it in the same place will result in a permanent ban of the participants (mayors or any other associates).
    1. Moving out of a siege area and relocating to another area on the map however IS allowed.
  4. Participating in "ally killing", or pretending to ally someone and repeatedly die multiple times to gain siege points is bannable. There is no counter to this rule at all, but pretending to be someone's ally and killing them in a siege IS allowed.
  5. Abusing immunity timer by creating new towns after the immunity timer runs out to protect yourself from wars is not allowed.
  6. Roadways/railways can be griefed when a siege is happening on that town/nationhowever if a town that monitors (connected) the roadway/railway is peaceful and is not a participant in war, then Minecraft/Towny Rule #17 applys to it.
  7. "Town Camping", or camping outside a town for more then 10 minutes to harass a player, is not allowed. Town camping is only allowed during a siege on the target town.
  8. If a town falls into a ruined state from a plunder, you are allowed to grief it. So long as the town isn't currently with an active mayor.


  • These tickets will be closed IMMEDIATELY if-
    1. Complaining about a siege on someone's town, unless it breaks one of the rules (and you MUST PROVIDE PROOF such as a town being peaceful, having an immunity timer etc)
    2. Whining that a player is "hacking" unless there is proper evidence of it, whether its a video or DMs (we will also look at any streamed videos in VC)
    3. They ask staff to give someone's stuff back after death, even with lag.
      1. It will not be deleted if it deals with an Admin related death
    4. It deals with giving back snake claims or ugly terraformations.
    5. Asking for certain materials to be given by an Admin.
    6. It regards people's feuds on the server, unless they are actively violating the rules.
    7. It regards someone infiltrating a town and stealing from someone because of misconfigured nation perms, Unless this is a new player doing it
    8. It regards an unclaimed chunk being raided.
    9. It talks about people's profanity on the server, unless someone is being verbally harassed in DMs (This includes crash gifs in discord).


  1. Dynmap signs are not allowed to be spammed. Cluttering them in one area will result in your perms being taken.
    1. Additionally, naming a Dynmap marker after an innappropriate slur will result in a warn (or a possible removal of your rank)
  2. NSFW/porn maps are not allowed.
  3. Do not rename your items as links to fishy or NSFW sites.

Wiki Pages

  1. Spam pages are not allowed, and will be removed.
  2. Vandalism on any page is not allowed.
  3. Please follow the ExamplePage format when writing a page. Failure to do so will result in correction or deletion of the page.
  4. User pages MUST be named from their Minecraft username.
    1. If they are known by a notable name, it can sometimes be permitted (such as Left being Left), however it must be approved by staff.
  5. Do not make dumb redirect pages that don't make sense.
  6. When a nation is dead, please change the page name and add the lifespan of that said nation. [ex: United States (1/17/2021 - 8/27/2021)]