• EarthCraft is a server intended for players above 13. We advise if you are under this age to avoid our server. Again, EarthCraft is NOT for kids. However, you must be 13 years or older to join our Discord.

  • Unnecessary sieging and animosity between players that exist just for the sake of combat are strongly not encouraged. Be careful with this, as Staff can rule on what is considered rule-breaking.


Last Updated: April 24th, 2022

  • The rules are currently in the process of being re-written to provide clarity to our players.
  • EarthCraft is an English-speaking server-oriented towards GeoPol. Our players are looking for similar real-life experiences.
  • If you need any instructions on what to do or how-to, visit our Help Page. Tickets can be used for reaching the Staff Team for help. Spam pinging or harassing Staff is punishable.
  • Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the EarthCraft Team at any time without player notice. We hold the right to rule on situations using our best judgment with fairness and server or player consideration in mind.
  • All rule-breakers will be analyzed professionally and adequately by our Staff Team. Since we are human and mistakes may occur, if you believe you were banned by mistake, please create an appeal here:
  • Use your best judgment when reporting rule-breakers. Intentional false reports are punishable by a permanent ban, without appeal.
  • Nation servers are not regulated by EarthCraft Staff but servers violating our rules will be removed from our public list.
  • If you need any instructions on how to play, visit our Help page.
  • EarthCraft is not associated with Mojang or any other group.

General Rules

1. Use common sense. If it seems wrong, don’t do it. If you’re not sure, ask.

  • Use your best judgment for your actions. It would be unreasonable for excessive amounts of rules to be written, so generally speaking, do what is right.

2. Advertising of other servers or content is not allowed. 

  • Only advertisements of EarthCraft material are allowed. If advertising this content in chat, please first gain permission from a Staff Member before posting.

3. Treat every server member, including staff with respect.

  • Toxicity, Harassment, Violating Discord TOS, NSFW, Pornography, gore, or Personal Hate Speech do not belong in our community. Refrain from acting in this manner. The staff has the final say.

  • Free speech is allowed and encouraged, but as a participant, in the server you must adhere to our guidelines.

  • Instigating drama in the community, such as posting screenshots, videos, or anything else outside the server that would cause division between the community results in a permanent ban. If you have a safety issue or do not feel secure with a player or staff member, please make a ticket or contact a staff member seperately about it.

4. Do not plan or engage in illegal acts such as doxing, swatting, or IP Grabbers

  • All parties involved in this malicious behavior, including Blackmail and Discord Raids towards anyone in our community, will immediately result in a permanent IP-Ban, with no appeals.

  • Indicating, or promoting self-harm towards others or yourself is bannable.

5.  Impersonating players or using Alts are not allowed. 

  • Do not pretend to be someone else. Extra accounts are not allowed on the server.


Minecraft / Towny

1. Ugly terraformations are not allowed

  • This includes draining oceans, and severely altering a landscape in general.
  • It is okay to build a large town, however do not add another continent to the map and make it unrealistic.
  • Floating islands and some forms of terraformation are allowed.

2. Usage of a hacked or cheat client, or any software that give unfair advantages will result in a ban.

  • This could include: Movement Hacks, Combat Hacks, Auto Clicking, etc.
  • Additionally, examples of allowed clients are:
    • Optifine, or any Resource Pack not made to cheat with (Fullbright is fine since Optifine has it built in)
    • Badlion, Lunar, LabyMod and PvP based Clients.
    • Litematica/Schematica, as well as it's printer function.
    • Minimap mods or Utility mods in general.
  • Duping, Xraying and Baritone/Bot usage will result in a ban.

3. Do not make bordergore.

  • Any "snake claims" or "spaghetti claims" will be unacceptable and will be removed by staff along with massive claims that dont make any sense whatsoever.
  • Claim blocking (such as making a town right next to another without that persons permission) is not allowed in any shape or form and will be deleted WITHOUT REFUND.
    • The minimum distance of claim blocking is less than 5 chunks away from a town. If this is the case only the mayor or resident of that town can report it.

4. Large towns gobbling up nations/states are not recommended and not allowed in some forms.

  • Claiming something as small as Rhode Island/Connecticut or New Jersey (If you make all of New York City) is fine, however something like claiming all of Germany or Britain in one town is not recommended by Staff at all (general rule #1).
  • Outlining a claim is not a fair excuse.

5. Abusing plugin permissions will result in a permanent ban.

  • And it is up to people to report issues with a plugin.

6. You are not allowed to spam kill someone in prison.

  • But you are allowed to kill someone who is escaping from it. This will be judged per staff member.

7. Spam killing consecutively so that it fills chat is not allowed.

  • But killing someone repeatedly is if it's in a war or siege, or a battle of some sort is completely fine.

8. Alternative accounts are not allowed.

  • The alt account will be permanently banned, along with the main account as well.
  • If you joined on an alt by accident please alert the staff, we will look into it.

9. Griefs are not allowed and result in bans depending on how major the grief is.

  • Griefing right outside a claim is also not allowed.

10. Lavacasting is not allowed in any shape or form.

  • We will also not allow mass explosions.

11. Gold farms are prohibited.

  • If we find any, we will take it down immediately. We also do not accept farms that lag the server TPS such as massive lag machines made of Redstone, slime blocks, etc.

12. Make Towns in a geographically accurate area.

  • Don't make a city like London in Siberia, or Sydney in New York State unless there is a town there.

13. Fictional towns or nations are allowed as long as they aren't super ridiculous.

  • This is usually on a staff outlook, as many town names with memes in them are usually seen as fine.
    • Okay examples are Airstrip_One, Jotunheim, Asgard, Quahog, Basedville, Poglands.
    • Not okay examples are N***erland, fuck_leftKILL_JEWS, WORKERS_UNITE, BLM, Anyone's real information.

14. Naming a town after a real life nation is not allowed.

  • It will be CORRECTED to its real life coordinates on Dynmap. Additionally any misspelled town or nation names without proper capitalization will be corrected.
  • If the town is a real life city or city-state, or if the nation is incredibly small like Luxembourg, Malta or Singapore then it will be allowed.

15. Capitalize your town names.

  • No starting with a lowercase, or having improper grammar.

16. Joining a town and stealing everything because of misconfigured town or nation perms is not punishable.

  • It is up to you to make sure your town is stable.
  • However, new players are not allowed to join a town and steal from it until their 3 days of new protection immunity are up.

17. Maliciously griefing a roadway/railway that is monitored by a town or nation will result in the same banning process as minor grief. 

  • However small griefs on it such as digging up a few materials or rails are allowed.
  • This will be reviewed by staff case by case, however, this rule's only exception is during a siege.

19. Illegal, or "cracked" accounts are not allowed on here in the slightest.

20. Asking a staff member to roll back a fallen town is prohibited.

  • Blowing up your town by losing a siege or by placing TNT everywhere is your fault (unless its a grief action), and it will be up to YOU to rebuild your town. Staff can however wipe a town clean if it is too griefed.

21. Spawn trapping a town is not allowed.

  • Additionally, you are not allowed to make a one chunk trapped town only meant for sieges. This server is meant to be about geopolitical roleplay and not endless death sieges.



1. New players are not affected by war

  • They have 3 days to fight unless they themselves siege another town, this will be bannable almost on every occasion.
  • To gear new town/nation players and force them to fight does not bypass this rule, and can be bannable for Toxicity.

2. You MUST have a reason to go to war or siege someone.

  • Before starting a siege, you must declare your reason to siege in chat. If this is not done it will result in a warn. This can include:
    • Economical/Material Shortages
    • Conquest/Uniting a Land
    • Liberating a Town/Nation under rule
    • You cannot go to war due to clownish reasons. (such as "He called me a poopy face" or "I want to kill people constantly")

3. "Siege towns", or towns that are made next to a town during a siege are not allowed.

  • It will result in a 3 day tempban if you are found guilty of doing this.

4. War evasion, or deleting a town mid-siege and recreating it in the same place will result in a permanent ban.

  • This includes the mayor and all the participants of this action.
  • Moving out of a siege area and relocating to another area on the map, however, IS allowed.

5. Participating in "ally killing", or pretending to ally someone and repeatedly die multiple times to gain siege points is bannable.

  • There is no counter to this rule at all, but pretending to be someone's ally and killing them in a siege IS allowed.

6. Abusing the immunity timer by creating new towns after the immunity timer runs out to protect yourself from wars is not allowed.

Roadways/railways can be griefed when a siege is happening in that town/nationhowever, if a town that monitors (connected) the roadway/railway is peaceful and is not a participant in war, then Minecraft/Towny Rule #17 applies to it.

7. "Town Camping" is not allowed. 

  • The time of stalking that would be considered Town Camping is 10 minutes.
  • Town camping is only allowed during a siege on the target town.

8. If a town falls into a ruined state from plunder, you are allowed to grief it.

  • So long as the town isn't currently with an active mayor.

9. You are not allowed to make ugly terrain in a siege zone

  • Which includes massive air paths of dirt/cobble and netherite or griefs.



  • These tickets will be closed IMMEDIATELY if-
    1. Complaining about a siege on someone's town, unless it breaks one of the rules (and you MUST PROVIDE PROOF such as a town being peaceful, having an immunity timer, etc)
    2. Whining that a player is "hacking" unless there is proper evidence of it, whether its a video or DMs (we will also look at any streamed videos in VC)
    3. They ask staff to give someone's stuff back after death, even with lag.
      1. It will not be deleted if it deals with an Admin related death
    4. It deals with giving back snake claims or ugly terraformations.
    5. Asking for certain materials to be given by an Admin.
    6. It regards people's feuds on the server unless they are actively violating the rules.
    7. It regards someone infiltrating a town and stealing from someone because of misconfigured nation perms Unless this is a new player doing it
    8. It regards an unclaimed chunk being raided.
    9. It talks about people's profanity on the server unless someone is being verbally harassed in DMs (This includes crash gifs in discord).



  1. Dynmap signs are not allowed to be spammed. Cluttering them in one area will result in your perms being taken.
    1. Additionally, naming a Dynmap marker after an inappropriate slur will result in a warn (or possible removal of your rank)
  2. NSFW/porn maps are not allowed.
  3. Do not rename your items as links to fishy or NSFW sites.

YouTuber / Streamer

  1. You must have at least 200 subscribers or followers.
  2. You must upload or stream at least every 3 weeks playing the server, if this is not met your role will be revoked.
  3. The video must follow the rules of the server. You can make a video showcasing a siege, but it must not be used as a method of harassment.
  4. Videos addressing dramas between players or outside the server are prohibited.
  5. Please put the effort into it if it's a YouTube video.

Wiki Pages

  1. Spam pages are not allowed and will be removed.
  2. Vandalism on any page is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.
  3. Do not post dox information on people's pages.
  4. Please follow the ExamplePage format when writing a page. Failure to do so will correct the page.
  5. User pages MUST be named from their Minecraft username. If they are known by a notable name, it can sometimes be permitted (such as Left being Left).
  6. Do not make dumb redirect pages that don't make sense.

Nation changes

  1. If a nation is to die on the server, please replace the nation's name with its lifespan at the end (ex: Fenix Dorado (2/7/2021 - 8/5/2021)). If you do not know what the lifespan of that nation is, contact Left as he has the logs.
  2. If a nation's name changes, please change the page to its current name. If it has a more common name, just use that name instead.
  3. Try not to make redirect pages as nations tend to constantly change.
  4. If there is too much of a certain nation, make a disambiguation page of all the nations going by that name (ex: United States (disambiguation)).

Player changes

  1. If a player changes their username, please update that page with the current username. If a player changes it too constantly, just use their common name.

Town changes

  1. If a town changes its name, change the name of the page as well (unless that town constantly changes names, just use its most known one). You do not need to post the lifespan of a town, if a town dies and a new one is made in its place, just change the name of its page.